2022 Harrison County Fair Recap

Hey y’all! Have you ever felt like you have been on the verge of a breakthrough? Because that is how I feel right now! And I couldn’t feel that way without all of you!

This past week, June 13 through June 18th, I had the opportunity to set up a booth at my local county fair. There is just something about being local, let me tell you! You all ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT! I had the most sales I’ve ever had at a show this week at the fair! All because of you!

The annual County Fair holds a special place in my heart because I spent one week every summer there growing up. I was a 10 year 4-H member so I was down at the fair every single year with my livestock projects. I remember growing up saying that fair week was the BEST WEEK OF THE ENTIRE YEAR! And I meant it! I still love it, going down to the fair to watch family and friends have their turn showing in the same show barn as I did growing up. So many memories were made at the county fairgrounds for me. Heck! It was where I met my husband!

Because of the many many memories I have there, it only seemed right for me to set up my booth there when I heard they had vendor openings. So that is what I did. And you all made it so worth my while. I am so pleased to be able to contribute to the legacy of my local county fair.

So let me tell you a little bit about the 2022 Harrison County Fair from my perspective. First off, it was miserably hot and humid, especially for Indiana at this time in the year (mid-June). But that’s fair week for ya! It’s either blazing hot or raining all week.

My week started off on Sunday. I set up my booth and got it all ready for opening night on Monday. So, Monday rolled around and I only had one sale. Yeah, you heard that right. I was a little disappointed but I had to remember it was only the first day. Tuesday came and I had a few more sales, so I was happier. But let me tell you about Wednesday and Thursday! OH MY GOODNESS! You all LOVED the Native American jewelry I just got in. You almost sold me out of it! I was able to get my hands on real authentic Native jewelry. Real turquoise, silver, all that good stuff! The jewelry was definitely the top seller. It went like this...one person purchased a piece, then they went and told their friend. Then their friend came in to buy a piece and wore it out. Then the friend had someone stop her and asked where she got it from. Then they came in and bought a piece. It went like wildfire and it was so amazing! 

You all also really loved my new collection (A Clean Spring), the grab bags, and my custom jackets. The newest collection I launched had a bunch of cute pieces. Some of the top sellers were the Mushroom Tank (sold out but still available in black), Katy Trouser Jeans, and the Taupe Buckle Sandals. You all also loved the Grab Bags. I sold them at $35 each. All you had to do was choose your size and be surprised. It is a super fun idea if you love everything in the store but don’t want to decide on one thing. Lastly, the custom jackets that I made that started my career as a boutique owner, took off last week! You all were loving those jackets too! 

Then to top it all off, the 2021 Harrison County Fair Queen (Blaine Whittaker) crowned the new 2022 Harrison County Fair Queen (Kristen Wernert) and BOTH girls have been models for me!!! So that was absolutely amazing to see both girls be crowned! Kristen purchased a dress from the new collection (Sage Bandana Print Dress) and wore it on the last day of the fair. She stopped by to snap a pic with me in front of the new photo backdrop!

Speaking of, how did you all like that little promo I had going? I thought it was so fun! For the first time, I set out a big photo backdrop and had a promo going on. If you took a photo in front of the photo backdrop, tagged us and posted the photo on your story, then you received a free gift! Thank you to everyone who participated! I will be doing that at every show from now on!

I believe it is safe to say that I had an absolute blast this year at the 2022 Harrison County Fair. I met so many amazing customers and made many more memories! I wanted to say a HUGE “Thank You!” to everyone who came out to see my booth, whether you purchased, grabbed a business card or even walked through my booth. You all don’t know how much it means to me! You made me one happy girl!

Until next time,

XOXO Jessie Mae

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