Desert Dreams Collection in 5...4...3...2...1...

Howdy y'all! Woah it has been a bit since I wrote one of these. But no worries, I have still stayed busy behind the scenes since I talked to you last.

Let's start with a little recap of the last few weeks...

The last blog post I talked about my time at the Harrison County Fair. Well since then I have organized a new collection drop (which I am guessing is the reason you clicked on this blog post in the first place), attended a pop-up event in Carmel, IN and had a photoshoot! And I still have a ton of fun surprises lined up for you in the NEAR FUTURE!

So real quick...CarmelFest...this is the name of the festival I set up at at the beginning of July in Carmel, IN. Carmel is a very popular town/city just north of Indianapolis, IN. They have an annual 4th of July festival called CarmelFest with food, vendors, fireworks, live music and more! It was a blast...and let's just say I will be going back next year! So I wanted to give a huge thank you to anyone and everyone who purchased items at Carmelfest or even walked through my booth! You all rocked it!

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty...the real reason you are here. 

Drum roll please............

"The Desert Dreams Collection"

OOOH LA LA. It sounds so lovely but mysterious at the same time. Well let me just tell ya, you guys are in for a treat. This is a super cool collection. It has all the right colors of a desert landscape, wonderful pieces that accent the feeling of being in the desert and all-around just a well put together collection. In this collection you will find all the right summer pieces that can transition their way into fall pieces if styled correctly. And don't worry, I fully intend on bringing you guy's some styling videos soon!

I cannot wait for you to go and shop the Desert Dreams what are you waiting for? Click here to shop! 

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