Fashion Styles to Expect

This years fall/winter fashion in the western industry is one of my favorites! The "western style" is definitely trending right now in all industries so I believe that will lead to western fashion having a mix of contemporary/modern day western and your true/classic western. Classis western fashion is still here and I feel will always be here. 


Let's talk about trends!

Layering. I think we will see lots of layering this year. Solids and basics layered with bold statement pieces. You can achieve this look by starting with a basic top and bottom then accessorize with your bold statement pieces. By statement piece, I mean something that is going to grab peoples attention. A funky print, a big piece of jewelry, an iconic pair of boots. Something of that nature.

Tall white cowboy boots. These are very trendy right now. I think we will be seeing a lot of these this year. These look great paired with a dress or even skinny jeans tucked into the boots and a cute sweater. 

Mixing prints. I feel like this is a newer trend that I haven't gotten behind YET, but I think there is a lot of potential with this one. I have seen people mixing animal prints, plaids and stripes, florals, checkered prints and more. Have fun with this one! Mix and match with the same or even different color palettes. Who cares what others think?! Honestly, if you have confidence in an outfit, then that is all that matters!

Fringe. I don't think fringe ever goes out of style. It will always be a staple in the western industry. Wearing fringe with ANYTHING makes it looks western. Add a fringe jacket on top of your outfit, a leather fringe purse on your side, or fringe boots to accessorize and you will be SET! 

Metallics. Metallics are definitely on the upswing this year. It brings back pop culture vibes and although I am a neutral gal, the metallic trend is growing on me. Western Vogue boutique has a bunch of NFR metallic pieces that I am here for!

Monochromatic Looks. This is a huge trend right now and I absolutely love it! The monochromatic look is basically taking one color and wearing different shades of that color throughout your entire outfit. Let's take brown for example. You could wear a tan blazer, cream solid top underneath it, brown trouser pants, brown cowboy boots, and accessorize with a brown leather belt, chocolate cowboy hat and gold jewelry. This is just an example of a monochromatic look but we have seen all kinds of colors with this trend. Any color of the rainbow, you choose!


These are just some of the trends I have been noticing this year. Feel free to wear whatever your little heart desires, but if you need outfit inspo for this year's rodeo, go ahead and base your outfit off of one or more of these trends!

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